Semua Perintah SMS GT06N (GT06N Command List)

No. Function Command Reply
1 Check firmware version VERSION# e.g.[VERSION]GT06B_10_8MM_B25_V11_LA [BUILD]2013/01/04 17:45
2 Check parameters PARAM# e.g.
GPS report on time interval:
IMEI:868120103643505;TIMER:20,20; SENDS:5; SOS:13730454825,,;
Center Number:;Sensorset:10,1,5,1; Defense time:10;
GPS report on distance interval:
IMEI:868120103643505;Distance:200; SENDS:5; SOS:13730454825,,;
Center Number:;Sensorset:10,1,5,1; Defense time:10;
3 Query device network setting  GPRSSET# e.g.GPRS:ON; APN:CMNET,,;
4 Check status STATUS#  e.g.Battery:3.41V,Battery too low! Warning; GPRS:Link Up; GSM Signal
Level:Strong; GPS:Successful positioning, SVS Used in fix:10(11),
GPS Signal Level:32,31,32,31,28,29,29,36,32,33; ACC:OFF;
5 Check position status WHERE# e.g.Current position!
Time:2013-01-08 17:35:32
6 Check URL URL# e.g.<01-08
7 Check position POSITION#  
GPS located: <01-08
GPS not located: GPS not fixed, please wait for a while, and then try again.
8 Check geo fence status FENCE# e.g.FenceType:Circle, ON, Latitude:N22.577091,
Longitude:E113.916748, radius:600m, in out:IN or OUT, alarm type:1
FenceType:Circle, OFF, Latitude:0.000000, Longitude:0.000000,
radius:0m, in out:IN or OUT, alarm type:1
9 Check moving status MOVING# e.g.Moving Switch:OFF; Radius:300m; Alarm type:1
Moving Switch:ON; Lat:N22.577080; Lon:E113.916794; Radius:300m;
Alarm type:1

No. Function Command Explanation
1 Set APN 
APN, [apnname]#
APN, [apnname],[user],[pwd]#
Close automatic APN and set by yourself.
APN# Check the current APN parameters.
3 Set server parameters SERVER,mode,domainName/IP,port,protocol eg: SERVER,1,,8011,0#
mode = 1 means set with domain name
mode = 0 means set with ip address
protocol = 0 means connect server with TCP protocol
protocol = 1 means connect server with UDP protocol
SERVER# Check the current sever parameters
7 GPRS switch GPRSON,X# X=0 or 1;"1" means GPRS ON,  "0" means GPRS OFF,  default:1
GPRSON# Check the current GPRS status
8 Reboot  RESET# The device would reboot in 20S after receiving the command.
9 GPRS blocking alarm GPRSALM,X# X=ON/OFF, default: OFF
GPRSALM# Check the GPRS alarm status
10 SOS setting SOS,A,[phone number 1][,phone number 2][,phone number 3]# Add SOS phone number.
SOS,D,[sequence number 1][, sequence number 2][,sequence number 3]# Delete the phone number according to the sequence number.
SOS,[D],[phone number]# Delete the matching SOS phone number.
SOS# Check the SOS phone number.
11 Center phone number setting CENTER, A,[phone number]# Add center phone number.
CENTER, D# Delete center phone number. 
CENTER# Check the center phone number.
13 Set GPS data sending interval  TIMER,[T1],[T2]# T1 ranges 5~18000  or 0(seconds), upload  interval when ACC ON,  0 means no upload, default is 10;
T2 ranges 5~18000 (seconds), upload  interval when ACC OFF,  default is 10;
TIMER# Check the current parameters of T1 and T2.
14 Set distance interval of GPS data sending  DISTANCE,[D]# D ranges 50~10000  or 0(meters), distance interval,  default is 300;
DISTANCE# Check the current distance interval.
16 Set the upload for ACC status change ACCREP,[A]# A=ON/OFF, upload for ACC status change, default: ON
ACCREP# Check the upload for ACC status change.
17 Set the GPS data sending batch BATCH,[A][,N]# A= A=ON/OFF, data sending batch function on or off, default:OFF
N=1~50, N means the number of messages in the batch, default:10;
BATCH# Check the number of messages in a batch.
18 Set the delay of the defense DEFENSE,[A]# A= 1~60 (minute), delay of the defense, default:10 (minutes).
DEFENSE# Check the parameters of the defense.
19 Set vibration sensor detecting time SENSOR,<A>,[,B][,C]# A=10-300 seconds,detecting time. Default: 10 seconds
B-10-300 seconds, alert delay. Deault:180 seconds
C=1-3000 minutes, vibration alert interval. Default: 30 minutes
SENSOR#  Check the parameter of the status
24 Set the petrol/electricity control RELAY,[A]# A=0/1;0 means connection, 1 means cut off;default: 0.
RELAY# Check the status of the control.
25 Set delay time of voice monitor  DELAY,<A># A=0、5-18 seconds; Default: 10 seconds (Enter Listen-In after 10 senconds calling)
26 Set the fence alarm FENCE,[B],0,[D],[E],[F],[X],[M]# circle area;
B=ON/OFF,  open or close fence alarm,  default:close;
D=the latitude of the circle center;
E=the longitude of the circle center;
F=1~9999,  the fence radius, unit:100 meters;
X=IN/OUT;IN: alarming when get in the fence, OUT: alarming when get out the fence, blank means both alarming when get in or get out the fence,  default: blank.
M=0/1;way of alarming, 0:GPRS only, 1:SMS+GPRS, default:1
FENCE,[B],1,[D],[E],[F],[G][,X][,M]# rectangle area
B=ON/OFF,  open or close fence alarm,  default:close;
D=the latitude of the position 1;range:-90 ~90(degree);
E=the longitude of the position 1;range:-180 ~180(degree);
F=the latitude of the position 2;range:-90 ~90(degree);
G=the longitude of the position 2;range:-180 ~180(degree);
the latitude supports "N/S" or "+/- " coming before it's value;
the longitude supports "E/W" or "+/- " coming before it's value;;
FENCE# Check the parameters of the fence.
27 Set the vibration alarm SENALM,[A][,M]# A=ON/OFF,  default: OFF;
M=0/1/2,  way of alarming, 0 :GPRS only, 1: SMS+GPRS,  2 : GPRS+SMS+phone call, default:1
SENALM,OFF# Close vibration alarm
SENALM# Check the parameters of the alarm
28 Set the power cut-off alarm POWERALM, [A][,M][,T1][,T2]# A=ON/OFF,  default:ON;
M=0/1/2,  way of alarming, 0: GPRS only, 1: SMS+GPRS,  2 : GPRS+SMS+phone call, default:1;
T1=2~60 (second),  default:5;
T2=1~3600 (second),  default:300;
POWERALM, OFF# Close the power alarm.
POWERALM # Check the parameters of the alarm.
29 Set the low battery alarm BATALM, [A][, M]# A=ON/OFF,  default:ON;
M=0/1/2,  way of alarming, 0: GPRS only, 1: SMS+GPRS,  2 : GPRS+SMS+phone call,  default:1;
BATALM,OFF# Close the low battery alarm.
BATALM# Check the parameters of the alarm.
30 Set the SOS alarm SOSALM,[A],[M]# A=ON/OFF,  default:ON;
M=0/1/2, way of alarming, 0 :GPRS only, 1: SMS+GPRS,  2 : GPRS+SMS+phone call, default:1;
SOSALM,OFF# Close the SOS alarm.
SOSALM# Check the parameters of the alarm.
31 Set the dialing times CALL,N# N=1~3,  default:3,  times to dial all numbers;
CALL# Check the parameters of the dialing.
32 Set the moving alarm MOVING,[A][,R][,M]# A=ON/OFF,  default:OFF; R=100~1000,  moving radius, unit: meter, default: 300;
M=0~2,  0: GPRS only, 1: SMS+GPRS, 2: GPRS+SMS+phone call,  default:1;
MOVING,OFF# Close the moving alarm.
MOVING# Check the status and the parameters of the moving alarm.
33 Set the overspeed alarm SPEED,[A][,B][,C][,M]# A=ON/OFF,  open or close over speed alarm,  default:OFF
B=5~600 (second),  time interval,  default:20 (second)
C=1~255(km/h),  speed limit,  default:100(km/h);
M=0/1,  way of alarm, 0 : GPRS only, 1: SMS+GPRS,  default:1.
SPEED# Check the parameters of over speed.
35 Set the LED sleep mode LEDSLEEP,[A]# A=ON/OFF,  LED sleep mode control,
ON: start LED sleep mode,  OFF:LED normal display,  default:ON;
LEDSLEEP# Check the parameters of LED sleep mode.


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